In keeping with our values, we're always striving to operate as sustainably as we can.  

Here's what we're doing right now to minimise our environmental footprint and help protect our favourite destinations:

  • 100% carbon neutral delivery - We've partnered with Sendle so you can enjoy both fast and environmentally friendly shipping.
  • Eco-friendly packaging - We use 100% compostable satchels and recycled mailers for our deliveries.
  • Eco-friendly dyes - All our towels are printed with colourfast eco-friendly dyes, to help protect the environment.
  • Focus on quality - We believe that one of the most impactful things we can do is to offer durable and innovative products, which you'll love using and won't contribute to landfill and waste! 

We're a young brand, and only just getting started! In the background, we're working on other exciting initiatives that will help make us even more sustainable ... So watch this space!